Past President

Umpire In Chief (UIC)

David Edens


Sandra Knight

2nd Vice President

Gabe Marquez

T-Ball Player Rep

JJ Johnson

T-Ball Coordinator

Tressa Gutierrez

1st Vice President

Derek Rotan

USA JO Commissioner

Scott Stone

USA District 26  Commissioner

10 U Div 1 Coordinator

Gabe Marquez


Rick Maddox

16 U 18 U Div 4 Coordinator

12 U Div 2 Player Rep


Scott Stone

Public Relations

Johnny Losoya

board members

10 U Div 1 Player Rep

Vanity Rojas


Got a Question?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

16U 18UDiv 4

Player Rep

14 U Div 3 Coordinator

8 U Div 1A Coordinator

Ashlynn Street


Supporting the Team

Our board members are not only experienced, but continually demonstrate the patience necessary to work with and develop players of all skill levels. Their goal is to ensure that each player gets the most from their individual experiences, whether that means learning new skills or just having a good time. Let’s take a moment to meet our members.

14 U Div 3 Player Rep

Curtis McClellan

12 U Div 2 Coordinator


Jamie Savage

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8 U Div 1A Player Rep

April Chandler

Midland United Girls Softball

Fastpitch Softball